21st Century Careers


In this 30-hour program, students learn about a new career field or industry through a hands-on project, workplace tours, and professional mentors. With new insight into their interests, student then make a career plan that meets their individual goals and interests.

Types of Activities

  • Hands-on Project: working with a professional mentor, teams complete a project or challenge that introduces the tools, terminology or technology in an emerging career field (18 hours)
  • Team Meetings: group discusses and presentations from professionals give students a chance to ask questions about a new field (6 hours)
  • Online Learning: in self-paced activities, participants review research career and education options, “chat” with employers, and take an assessment of their personal and professional strengths (4 hours)
  • One-on-One Practice and Guidance: participants make an individual career plan with a program instructors (2 hours)


Learn more about the topics covered in this program here.

  • Personal and Professional Strengths
  • Work, Jobs, and Careers
  • Career Planning
  • Goals and Challenges
  • Managing Tasks and Projects

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