Net Work Louisville prepares young people with skills needed in the 21st century workplace such as collaboration, self-directed learning, innovative problem solving and persistence via four different programs:

Work Sim In this 40-hour program, participants practice new skills through interactive, real-world activities that simulate every phase of employment from job search to work performance reviews.

21st Century CareersParticipants in this 30-hour program explore a new career field or industry through a hands-on project. They also make an individual career plan around their goals and interests.

Orientation to WorkThis 20-hour program introduces participants to the application process and workplace expectations of a specific employer or high demand industry. This program is designed for young people starting an internship, apprenticeship or first job.

The Work Shop These 3 to 8 hour programs engage participants in an interactive project or challenge. Working individually, in a team or with a mentor, participants work on a hands-on task that introduces new skills and career fields.

Each program includes three types of interactive and flexible activities:

three types of activities 2

The variety, pace and flexibility of the program activities are designed to meet individual learner needs and goals. To encourage participation, learners earn
badges(electronic tokens of skill mastery), job referrals and interviews, and other incentives as they demonstrate their new skills. Programs can be modified to meet the needs and interests of learners, employers and mentors.

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