Career Pathways

Career pathways are a set of similar occupations that vary by skill and experience level. A career pathway demonstrates how increased levels of education or experience can lead to a higher salary and greater job security. The “career pathway” model:

  • Illustrates the value of learning new skills throughout life;
  • Provides an alternative to dead-end, low-wage jobs;
  • Helps young people visualize a wider range of career options that meet their individual goals and interests.



Net Work classes and workshops help participants learn about career pathways through:

  • One-on-one meetings with mentors who describe their own career pathway
  • Exploration of local educational opportunities and campus tours
  • Hands-on projects that simulate work tasks in a career field or industry
  • Labor market research of local or regional occupations and industries
  • Individual goal setting and career planning activities


Check out the career pathways in
Net Work classes and workshops here.



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