Volunteer mentors are essential to Net Work Louisville. Their professional experience helps participating youth and young adults explore new careers, learn “workplace realities”, and develop high-demand technical or occupational skills.  

Mentors in all roles receive the training, resources and support to make a difference. There are several ways for volunteer mentors to be involved in Net Work Louisville.

  • Guide a team of youth and young adults while they work on a project, providing technical advice, assisting with resources, and answering questions. Commitment: 10 to 20 hours over 6 weeks, online and on-site.
  • Evaluate team projects after they are complete. The team projects are posted and evaluated online by volunteer mentors with related expertise. Commitment: 4 hours, online.
  • Help with in-class activities such as conducting mock interviews and sharing work-life lessons. Commitment: 2 hours, on-site.
  • Connect graduates to education and employment opportunities like scholarships, internships and jobs. Commitment: As often as possible, online.
  • Host work site tours and events for small groups. These activities give youth and young adults an opportunity to learn about careers and employers first hand. Commitment: 2 to 4 hours, on-site.
  • Create projects that help learners develop real-world skills or answer questions in an “advice column” on common problems. These opportunities to mentor Net Work learners are interactive! Commitment: 2 to 4 hours, online.

Are you interested in becoming a Net Work Mentor? Share your contact information and we’ll send an application and job description…

Thank you for your interest! An important note, Net Work Louisville volunteer mentors must complete an application form and some positions require a background check.


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