Program and School Partners

To serve the holistic needs of students, most Net Work Louisville classes are provided in the community, in partnership with…

  • Nonprofit organizations serving disconnected youth and young adults
  • Public agencies providing workforce, housing, and child welfare services
  • In and out of school programs
  • Post-secondary student support services
  • Juvenile justice programs

It’s a partnership that works!

Programs, schools and agencies assist in recruiting youth and young adults for Net Work classes, co-leading class/project activities, and providing ongoing support and guidance to participants before, during and after the class. Net Work provides staff orientation, training supplies and materials, and connections to mentors, workplace tours, and job placement assistance.

Program Costs

In many cases, classes are sponsored by donors, grants or sponsors. Net Work Louisville also works with program, school and agency partners to identify new, collaborative funding sources that support employment education activities.

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