Net Work is looking for great employer partners. Could your workplace offer one of these employment opportunities to a Net Work Louisville graduate?

Career Exploration

Participants are placed with an employer for up to 40 hours (unpaid) to observe or interview employees about their job, try out basic tools or equipment, or attend regular employee training.


Interns work for an employer full or part time for approximately 500 hours (in most cases, the intern is  paid). They perform entry-level job tasks and learn about different aspects of a career field or industry. At the end of the internship, the employer may choose to hire the intern.


Pre-apprentices are hired by an employer in an entry-level position that offers on-the-job training and the opportunity to move into an apprenticeship position. Prior to the start of the pre-apprenticeship, the worker and employer agree on the length of the position, the type of training that will be provided, and the level of performance required for advancement.

Full or Part-Time Employment

Net Work connects graduates with full and part time positions that provide opportunities for advancement. Employers provide the wages, training, and benefits available to other employees in the same or similar position.

There are many advantages to hiring, or hosting, a youth or young adult through Net Work Louisville. Before they are placed with an employer, they:

  • Learn about a specific career field or industry and understand what is expected in this type of workplace
  • Complete training in worksite communication, problem solving and teamwork skills
  • Develop a plan for getting to work on time, ready to work
  • Set goals for their future and demonstrate they have the persistence to realize them

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