Employers in every industry need workers who have the drive to innovate, value collaboration over competition, understand how to improve their own skills, and have the persistence to solve tough problems. Net Work was created to help young people, particularly disconnected youth, learn these and other workplace skills.

Net Work has three important goals:

1. To improve the workplace knowledge, skills and confidence of youth and young adults; More on Workplace Competencies (DOL).

2. To connect participants with education and employment opportunities that lead to family supporting jobs;

3. To develop a network of services that support disconnected youth and young adults.

To measure progress toward these goals, Net Work uses tools to assess participant knowledge and skills, to collect participant feedback on the training experience, and to evaluate the overall impact of the activities. More on Learner and Program Evaluation Plan.


Net Work is a program of the Emerging Workforce Initiative, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Donations to the Emerging Workforce Initiative may be tax deductible.

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