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A project of the Emerging Workforce Initiative, Net Work offers classes, workshops and services that prepare youth and young adults for a career pathway. Through a blend of learning experiences (online modules, team activities, hands-on projects, and meetings with career mentors), participants explore emerging career fields and develop job search and workplace skills.

Net Work classes and workshops:

  • Model a real workplace with hands-on activities and projects that engage participants;
  • Teach skills that can be applied in any industry or workplace, and in life, such as problem solving, persistence, team communications, and self directed learning;
  • Make learning available any time, any place, and at any pace to address different participant needs and interests;
  • Connect participants to a wide network of mentors, employers, and community resources that help learners develop new skills and enter a career pathway;
  • Evaluate the results with online tools that track participant progress, get immediate feedback on effectiveness, individualize learning, and increase communication.

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Net Work is a program of the Emerging Workforce Initiative, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Donations to the Emerging Workforce Initiative may be tax deductible.


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